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Name: Crowley, formerly known as Fergus McLeod
Fandom: Supernatural
Canon Point: Varies, depending on who I'm playing with/what they'd like, but I default to S8 current episode.

Brief Bio:
Crowley is a demon and the current-standing "King of Hell", a title which he has conveniently inherited after all of his predecessors found themselves killed or otherwise tossed out of play. Previously, Crowley was known as "King of the Crossroads"; essentially the "national manager" of Hell's "sales team", but capable of sealing his own deals when it came to bigger fish. Read more about crossroad demons here.

He's known for his taste in fine suits, Craig Scotch-Whiskey, and caustic wit. He was a major player in helping the Winchesters imprison the archangel, Lucifer, and stopping the Apocalypse.

Like every demon, Crowley was once a human. He was a tailor from Scotland circa the late 1600's, and sold his soul for "three extra inches below the belt" (just trying to hit double digits, he claims) to a crossroads demon.

Behind his back, in Hell, he is knowns as "Lucky the Leprechaun" despite the fact he's Scottish.

Mun and Muse are over 18
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